Our Museum comes to you!

Our Museum comes to you!

Does the location of your school make it difficult to have awe inspiring STEAM museum experience?  Does the distance, logistics, and commute to a science center make that field trip unattainable? We can solve all of that for you.

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This school year you could offer an unforgettable educational experience by having the museum come to you! With the speed of a book fair, this highly interactive experience converts your location into a museum aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards. Invisibility, Levitation, Animation, Mind Reading, all become possible through STEAM and wonder with the Impossible Science Festival.

MORE Effective & Accessible than a field trip

No need for Buses, Drivers, Chaperones, Waivers, or commute!

Effective field trips are integral part of every science program, yet not all schools can accept the learning loss of a long commute to travel to a museum. Our festival temporarily converts your gymnasium, auditorium, or MPR into an awe inspiring science center. Without disrupting the school day, your students simply walk to the festival during their regularly scheduled science class.

Inspire Students AND Faculty!

Inspire your educators with a new and award winning approach to science instruction. By combining our a festival WITH a Professional Develop, we provide your teachers with the techniques we've used to engage millions of students. The festival then becomes the followup session of in-field practice along side our staff. 

We unite the how's and why's commonly found in magic illusions with the STEAM experiments from the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), making our instruction highly impactful, engaging and memorable. 

A man is helping people with paper work.
A man is helping people with paper work.
A group of people standing around eating food.
A group of kids looking at something on the table.
A crowd of people in front of tables with items on it.
A woman standing in front of two girls.

Open your festival to the community after school!

Nothing is more magical than watching excited students show their parents and siblings what they have learned in school. Since the experiments are assembled for the school day, we highly recommend opening your festival up to the community AFTER school. Now parents, students, teachers, and administrators can share in the excitement for making the impossible possible through STEAM 

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Want to learn more?

We expect you to have a few questions about logistics, and we are excited to hear from you.

Send us a message, and we will be happy to discuss how we made the impossible possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

Some common requirements for running a festival include an indoor space slightly larger than a regulation basketball court with available power. This can include a gym, cafeteria, multipurpose room, or large library.

A: While our core age range is 3rd-8th grade, we have found that with additional staff provided by your district, K-2nd grade students can be just as amazed with the appropriate support.

Our team can set up a Festival in under two hours! This means we will need at least that much time on the day of, or even the day before, to set everything up before starting. Along with this, we generally require 2 hours after the event to tear down the Festival and pack it up.

We provide materials, the number of experiments, and staffing based on the volume of attendees. For an accurate estimate, we have questions for your school or district. We use a combination of price/student, duration of Festival event, and shipping as factors while working within school district budgeting constraints. Please reach out to Ben Zakheim at [email protected] to schedule a meeting to discuss specific pricing options.

We are more than happy to supply marketing material, such as videos and fliers, that can be distributed to your community to help spread the word about the Impossible Science Festival.

For a School experience/field trip, we recommend 150 students per hour. This experience is curated much like a science center and is designed to have little to no waiting time for each experiment, assuring full engagement. With 6-7 class periods, this offers approximately 900–1050 students per day.

For a Community experience, we operate our experiments differently, allowing parents to engage with their children. With the same number of experiments as the school festival, the community experience can support 600–1000 attendees per hour.

A: We recommend 45–75 minutes for a session in the festival; with this amount of time, students leave wanting to see more.

A: Absolutely! We have seen the power firsthand of watching families watch their students be amazed at the magic of science. Additionally, if a student has already been through a Festival, they find great pleasure in taking their family member(s) through a Festival to show them all the magical things they learned how to do!