Teach Like a Magician Educational Series

Teach Like a Magician Educational Series

Impossible Science has grown throughout California, Oregon, and Arizona, and pioneered ways for STEAM programming for millions of kids in our museums, camps, and touring festivals. Now we want to offer your teachers the same tools and techniques we use to inspire curiosity, wonder and engagement!

Our Professional Development Series gives an in-depth understanding of our "1-2-5" format, our edu-tainment techniques, mindset training, team activities, and many applications. We also show how to adapt our techniques and tools to the lessons your teachers already have in their classroom to align with NGSS. Our series focuses  inspiring curiosity and engagement and ultimately how to be a better presenter, communicator, and above all a stronger educator.


Professional Development

What we do

Ever struggle to engage a student with STEAM? Ever wanted to ask a question at the end of a magic trick? What if there was a way to combine those to moments? Well, we did! We've constructed a format that pulls the "How's, Why's, and What-if's" from the art of magic and puts them into your classroom with your own experiments!


Teach Like a Magician

Through interactive experiments & exercises, our Teach Like a Magician course will guide educators through the art of inspiring wonder, perfectly encapsulated by magicians. We will instruct an educator on their Performance, Showmanship, and Script, as well as lay a foundation to turn a bland textbook lecture into an educational performance!

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Why attend?

 Our goal is to bring excitement and curiosity to students in STEAM and inspire the next generation of innovators. We believe that “the right question changes everything” and Impossible Science is dedicated to inspiring the next one billion questions.

We provide your educators with unique tools and techniques to engage students and inspire children to ask questions from a place of genuine curiosity.

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Escape your comfort Zone!

Our Professional Development seeks to inspire educators to escape their comfort zones, and provide innovative approaches to engage their students in STEAM.

Our Professional Development is great for educators as well as administrators who are motivated to find new approaches toward engaging classroom instruction for themselves or their staff.

We consistently present an innovative set of skills that inspire student inquiry throughout the school year, as well as give educators the tools to amaze students like a magician!

Any questions about Professional Development? We love questions!

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