Host Impossible Science at your location!

Museum Partnerships

In 2014 Jason Latimer partnered with the iconic Fleet Science Center to inspire curiosity and wonder in an educational environment and its success has broken attendance records ever since. Latimer united his multi-award winning illusion show with his TED Talk to create the Impossible Science LIVE! Show. The first run of this live show sold out  18 months of six shows every weekend! Latimer and the Fleet then expanded Impossible Science to an annual festival to include experiments based on invisibility, levitation, animation, mind reading and more, all brought to live through STEAM. Today Impossible Science events, live shows and programming can be found in museums across the California, Oregon, and Arizona. 

We've now made this amazing combination of education and entertainment available to all museums with a revenue share across all of our events at your location. Let us bring the impossible to your center! 

Impossible Science LIVE! Show

Our live shows fit into all sizes of theaters. Impossible Science LIVE is compatible with all digital formats your museum has a Digital 8K Jumbo Screen theater, 360 degree Dome Projection, or Digital Omnimax.

Transform Any Location Into A Theater!

The Impossible Science LIVE! show delivers an unforgettable experience whether in a high school gymnasium or 360 degree projection dome theater in our museums. Our mission is to make STEAM and wonder accessible to everyone.

Interested in learning more about having the live show come to you? We would love to speak with you on how to make the impossible possible. 

Impossible Science Festival

Our festivals are great for community events, school field trips, STEAM nights and Fundraisers. Our festivals range in size from 2500sq ft to 5000 sq ft and are designed around throughput of visitors. The Impossible Science Festivals operate much like any other exhibit but the only difference is speed. Our team can assemble and disassemble an entire event meant to support thousands of attendees in a matter of hours.