Summer Camps & Spring Break Programming

Summer Camps & Spring Break Programming

We offer ONE, TWO, or THREE WEEK Camps, with up to 105 hours of STEAM enrichment courses for Grades 1st-8th. We bring live Magic & STEAM shows, in-classroom illusions, experiments & materials, and our traveling festival to you!

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Each week at our camp, we offer different shows on impossibility and science, technology, engineering, arts, or mathematics. Mid-week, our students tackle these impossible topics with their own hands-on in-classroom experiments. At the end of each week, our Impossible Science® Team builds you a science festival at YOUR school!

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Our cost is relative to the number of students at a location, number of shows provided, experiments and materials, festivals and staff, as well as the duration of programming. Our camp programming can vary in duration from only a couple hours each day up to three weeks of 9 hour programming each day with shows, experiments, festivals and other activities. 

We are happy to discuss with you your needs to make our camp accessible and affordable for all districts. For specific details please contact Ben Zakheim at [email protected] 

A: Our usual platform begins  with two different STEAM performances on Monday, paired with two classroom periods of Engineering design lesson plans. On Tuesday through Thursday, students will do 3-4 classroom activities that last 75 minutes each. These activities cover all aspects of STEAM and can range from computer programming to doing the impossible through Science! On Fridays, students will rotate through our STEAM Festival with additional experiments available for in classroom time. Our camp programming is completely modular which allows us to modify it to your specific needs.

A: We structure our Classroom days so that students rotate to a new teacher every class “period.” This way, each teacher is only learning ONE experiment for each day, while the students get to participate in 3–4 experiments per day!

So a teacher is only required to learn one experiment for each day of instruction. We provide a Professional Development day prior to the camp to learn and review each lesson and to address any questions

A: Aside from our ability to engage and excite students in STEAM education through our performances, 40+ Impossible Science Lesson Plans, and Festival. We also take on many of the logistical difficulties of running a summer program. Some of these include sourcing, sorting, and distributing classroom materials, free training for your teachers on Summer Camp classroom activities and Festival experiments, opening our Festival up to community members, as well as assisting with the creation of marketing materials to excite your students about taking part in our program.

A: Staffing needs are certificated teachers for each classroom (size 15–30 students), as well as 4+ teachers to assist each Festival rotation. We also recommend having a second classified staff member in each classroom, especially if the main teacher of a classroom is a Classified staff member or instructional aide.

Please visit our Festival Page as a reference.

For Performances, a space with a stage that is large enough to accommodate 150–200 students, with access to a sound system. Additionally, lighting control is deal creating an immersive experience for the students and performers, but not required.

A: We will set a date for a half or full day of professional development. All that is required is that all the teachers participating attend this training. We generally recommend that the training is scheduled not too far from the summer camp dates to maintain information retention and not too soon that the teachers are worried about not being adequately prepared.

For Classroom Activities, a classroom with certificated teachers for each classroom (size 15–30 students), as well as general supplies like pencils, pens, scissors, tape, etc. We can also supply these general items for an additional “at-cost” charge.